Doris is the event marketplace for any event

She brings together the performers and those who are looking for one. Browse through a variety of performers, choose the one(s) that best fit your event, book and pay right away. Nowadays we want our buying experience to be easy, fast and digital. Well, fortunately Doris is here. 

People are in love with live experiences

Digitalization is here to stay yet it will not change the way we feel when experiencing something with our own eyes and ears. Things we hear, see, feel and even smell.

Everything is better live — Live connects us

It’s about making unforgettable memories. Music, comedy, sports, education – live is probably the strongest urge we’ll ever experience. Doris offers you a world of experiences just a swipe away.

Join the world of Doris and be forever happy!

Why? Because you need it. I need it. They need it. Because buying live should be much easier than it has been. Because we all love a great live performance; like a band playing at our wedding or a business coach charming the audience with extraordinary charisma. Because the way that money changes owners is about to be revolutionized. Because hundreds of more reasons. Because the only way to understand a culture is to create one. Doris is a culture, a cult, a religion. She will change the way how we feel about live by inspiring a revolution, a totally new era.

For people who love live experiences

Yep, that includes every single one of us.

All the performers in one place. Bands, musicians, talkers, magicians, DJ’s, acrobats, dancers, yoga teachers, practically every freelance performer you can imagine. Solving problems like:

  • How do I find the right performers?
  • How do I contact them?
  • How do I pay them easily?

For those who produce live performances

Yep, all the bands, musicians, talkers, magicians, DJ’s, acrobats, dancers, yoga teachers, photographers etc. practically every freelance performer you can imagine.

  • Findability and awareness
  • Way to build reputation
  • Way to tell: “Here I am, I’m good, pick me!”
  • Easy billing systems integrated
  • Get paid right after the gig is done!

Hey, psst! Do not underestimate the power of live. If you’ve ever had it, you know that even sex is better live.


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